Masu - here and now

Even though MASU actually means square in Japanese, MASU is less about anything square or Asian, but rather something substantive.
We "absorb" microcosm and macrocosm, fauna and flora, and we bring ideas to the surface.
The MASU philosophy is all about quality / diversity / individuality.
More than 20 years' of experience in print design for prêt-à-porter and sportswear collections for renowned companies worldwide warrant for our strong quality commitment.
Our inspiration is sourced from current trends, and the colourful imagery of our designers. The multiplicity and individuality of our products is derived from our own photographs, drawings, paintings and sketches.
We at MASU can help you find a print for your collection that is right for you.

Our services:
MASU allover patterns and designs are used in range of products, such as fashion, home textiles, stationery, wallpapers and much more.

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Please note:
The MASU portfolio mainly shows designs that have previously been printed for various customers. 
For a full range of available designs or more information, please contact us at
or to register for access to our entire online portfolio.

MASU will protect your privacy, and we will not pass on your data to third parties